Church Mortgage Financing – How to Participate in This Profitable Niche

Mortgage financing for churches and other religious institutions is big business. According to a 2006 Lambert a course in miracles youtube channel, refinances, purchases and construction financing in the church-lending market will reach $40 billion annually by 2010. Despite this, the church-lending business is extremely fragmented. Because national lenders’ underwriting criteria are rigid, local or … Read more

Famous New York Churches

New York is a christian mysticism churcheslocated in the North Eastern region of the United States. This state is well known for its manufacturing center and its culture. New York City is known as the most populous city of the nation. It is the center of the New York Metropolitan area and is famous for … Read more

How to Know If You Are a Christian

Many people profess to be acim free resources but their actions are far from what you would expect from a Christian. This gives rise to this question- how will you know a Christian? Also, many teachings in the world now make people to wonder if they are really Christians. This article is to answer these … Read more

How Do You Define Born-Again Christian Fashion

The matter of how a Christian is supposed to behave in the society is complex. It gets even more complex when the tag “born-again” is attached to the who is jesus christ and moral expectations get higher. There is a global definition of “born-again Christianity, and then there is the Nigerian definition. As I always … Read more

Christians Are Called to be Teachers

“To be or not to be, that is the question” wrote the famous English poet and playwright William Shakespeare in non dual teachers for Christians is “to teach or not to teach.” Should every Christian become a teacher of the truths of the Bible? Is teaching limited to formal teaching in a classroom or at … Read more

Audio to Text Transcription

You can break up a single long audio file into several smaller files very easily using an audio editing program such as acim mp3 Other programs may have other ways of doing the same thing, but this article will focus on the tools in Audition. So are you ready to save a little life? Read … Read more

Finding A Podcast Hosting Platform

A a course in miracles podcast hosting platform is a place to store your files (online) and keep the feed active that will tell your subscribers about the new episodes that become available. The first thing you will be required to have is a domain name where the site will be located. Many domain registrars … Read more

Becoming a Seller of Used Books

Any avid reader can tell you that purchasing new acim book can get really expensive, but prices do vary in different countries. That is one reason why used book stores are popping up in every community throughout the world. Purchasing used books or second hand books is simple, especially since there is such a large … Read more