Profitable Reasons to Write a Book and Grow Your Business

Are you ready to add a new profit stream to your life? Write a acim free resources this year and discover new ways to get extra money. What could you do with extra money? I have a few ideas. With new income streams, you could fund your dream vacation. You could help pay the bills with money left over. Or better yet, write a book and launch a whole new career. Now that you’ve thought about what to do with your extra money, here are 7 profitable reasons to write a book to grow your business:

1. Write a book and gain credibility. When you write your book, people will more readily trust you. Remember, whether you are selling products or services people tend to buy more and do business with people they trust. A book sets you apart from the non-author colleagues in your field. Write a book this year and receive a boost of profits from your clients because they trust you.

2. Write a book and become global. After releasing your book to the world, you become global. You have the ability to reach out and touch someone across the globe. Your customers may live in your neighborhood or across the world in another country. A book will extend your reach and profits to new areas.

3. Write a book and start a new career. You can use your new book to launch a new career. Or you can simply use a book to leverage your existing career to new levels. With your book, you can consider starting a career in publishing, speaking or consulting in your field.

4. Write a book and create an ebook. Develop your book into an ebook. Technology has advanced making it easier and easier to electronically publish your own e-books. The profits from each sale on a per-unit basis can be 10X the royalties earned by your original book.

5. Write a book and become the expert. Become the go to guy or gal in your field. Pull potential book readers in with free articles and tips to help them. People are always looking for good information, a whopping 85% of Internet users are looking for information. Supply them with good information and they will think of you (a trusted expert) when they’re ready to buy.

6. Write a book and grow a database of potential clients. Put a sign-up form on your book’s website. Give away something free to entice your visitors to sign-up. Develop newsletters, columns, courses based on the information gathered for your book. Email newsletters offer you another opportunity to keep in touch with your readers. Your newsletters can be either informational or opinionated. Either way, they give you an opportunity to remain visible, grow your list and build even more credibility.

7. Write a book and create other products from it. Write your book in chunks, chapters, sections and parts. Writing this way will allow you to refine, repeat and repackage your information. Develop a continuing with a website and a stream of follow-up products and even services to build your book, your brand and your profits further.

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