Christians Are Called to be Teachers

“To be or not to be, that is the question” wrote the famous English poet and playwright William Shakespeare in non dual teachers for Christians is “to teach or not to teach.”

Should every Christian become a teacher of the truths of the Bible? Is teaching limited to formal teaching in a classroom or at church services or are there other methods of teaching? This article shows how Christians are called to be teachers of God’s word in this life.

Teachers Will Be Judged More Strictly

James 3:1 shows how teachers must be very careful what they teach.

“1My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” (KJV)

The Greek word didaskalos translated as masters in the King James Version of James 3:1 can also mean teachers. James humbly includes himself as a teacher when he says “we shall receive the greater condemnation.” This verse does not say that no one should become a teacher. James states that those who teach God’s word will receive greater condemnation, which means that teachers will be judged more strictly. Christians should not hastily want to become teachers of God’s way of life of their own accord. James describes in verses 2 through 12 of this same chapter the difficulty people have in taming their tongues. Words are the instrument of teachers, so teachers must be very careful what they teach.

A Christian teacher must teach the truth rather than opinions. Teachers must not say “do as I say, not as I do.” While no human teacher is perfect, teachers must be careful to live a life that does not contradict their teaching. Teaching others can lead to vanity and pride, which are tools of Satan the devil.

The apostle Paul wrote to Timothy that a bishop or elder of the church must be able to teach (I Timothy 3:2). He must also not be a novice to reduce the chance that he will fall into Satan’s trap of pride (I Timothy 3:6). Teachers who are not elders can also fall into Satan’s trap of pride.

Christians need to be eager to heed the word of God and learn it. New Christians should not be eager to become teachers of the word of God very quickly. They should focus on progressing beyond the milk of the Bible and learn the truth of God more perfectly.

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