Yoga Teacher Training for Reaching Schools

There are many opportunities, which are not discussed in a typical yoga teacher training. Most trainers may make you think the only opportunities are in their studio or ashram. When you take any yoga certification course, networking to the non dual teacher community is usually brushed over. Usually, you have to do your own homework in reaching out to the community, but it is even more difficult when reaching out to areas where children congregate. Public, private schools, dance, and martial arts schools are a good place to start, but how can you explain the benefits if you can’t get your foot in the door. If you are a parent, you should join the PTA. If you’re not a parent, you should network with the PTA, administrators, teachers, and parents.

Yoga can provide many benefits to children, both physically and mentally. Schools that have already implemented yoga into the classroom are finding positive results on academic and behavioral levels. There are still many schools that haven’t heard of the positive effects of teaching yogic techniques to help the kids focus, release stress, gain confidence, and get along with other children better. When approaching teachers and administrators with the idea to implement yogic concepts into schools, it’s best to let them know the benefits, show them how to teach it, and let them try it for their selves.

Schools often get bombarded with a lot of different concepts for improving the learning environment, helping kids grasp concepts, or assisting with discipline. While many teachers are open to new ideas, they don’t want to spend time on trendy or frivolous ideas that simply don’t work. When a teacher who knows nothing of the benefits of yoga hears a proposal to implement it into the school day, he or she might likely dismiss it at first glance. Yoga teachers have a responsibility to school teachers and administrators to educate them about the benefits we can provide for the children.

State the Facts

When discussing the benefits that kids’ yoga can provide, use facts. Cite recent studies and statistics that give hard evidence of the effects that yogic exercises can have. You will want to show that kids yoga raises test scores, has an impact on disciplinary issues, and gives kids healthy ways to release stress and focus the mind.

Explain the purpose of yogic exercises. Let teachers know that as children learn to be at more peace within their selves, it will spread to their relationships with each other. Every student experiences stress of some sort throughout the day, and a healthy way to relieve it. Schools that use yoga are giving the students a lifelong habit that will result in greater health and happiness.

Show Specific Teaching Methods

Teachers also need to see how to implement yoga exercises into the classroom in a way that will not take much time or equipment. Get the teachers involved by leading them in a few simple stretches while teaching them the benefits or goals of each stretch. Show them which stretches to use to calm the mind, energize the brain, or release stress. When you get the teachers moving, they can experience the benefits firsthand.

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