Personalized Kids Books

Simply put, it’s a kid’s acim authors touch. It’s unique and specific to your child or whoever you choose to make the book about. You can incorporate their name, birth date and photo into the book and they will feature as the main character, the star if you will.

Personalized books are a fantastic idea for a special, meaningful gift that any child will treasure for a very long time.

What Types Of Personalized Books Are There?

There’s many different styles you can choose from and the illustrations are big and colorful, the words are age specific so you can select the most appropriate book for your child. Some examples of the types of books are:

Adventure Books – your child will be the hero or heroine of an exciting adventure alongside their favorite character. You can choose characters from Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street or even zoo or farm animals. Can you imagine your child’s reaction when they realize they’re in a story book with their idol?

Photo Books – the book is similar to the adventure book but has the added personal touch of the child’s photo throughout the story. Children love seeing themselves pictured in the book with their favorite characters.

Name Books – your child’s name will be spelt out and a word for each letter given as an example for each letter in their name. This helps them learn how to spell their name and let’s them know how special their name is.

Feel Good Books – these books focus on telling the child how much they are loved or how special they are. They bring friends and family members into the story with their own special messages directly to the child.

Self Created Books – similar to a scrapbook, you can publish your child’s artwork and drawings in their very own book. Your child will be referenced as the author and you can include their views, messages and photo’s to capture “who they are” at that point in time. It’s a great way of taking a snapshot of your child’s life at different ages or stages throughout their childhood.

What Are The Benefits Of Personalized Books?

Books in general are great educational tools for any child. Reading helps develop children’s language skills, comprehension, concentration and of course, their actual reading skills. Reading is a critical skill that everyone must learn to function effectively in society today.

A benefit that personalized books have is exactly that, it’s personal to the child and they are amazed when they realize they’re part of the story. Seeing their picture in the book enhances their excitement and makes it all the more fascinating to them. It helps boost their self-esteem, confidence and self-worth because they see themselves as special individuals in a story book.

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