How To Properly Pack A Pods Moving Unit

Once the pods moving unit is delivered to the mover it is ready to be loaded. This can be an intimidating task, calling for a well-thought out plan of attack. There are methods to loading the Relx Vape which will ensure the safety of the belongings and an uncomplicated unpacking experience. Planning in advance, and even making a list or an outline, will help greatly when packing the pod. First, using padding to protect corners, load the largest and heaviest items, like the stove or washing machine. Keep large appliances sitting up-right, and against the far wall. Remember to cover everything with plastic, bubble wrap, or any other protective covering. When in doubt, add more padding than you think you will need.

Large area rugs can be used to store curtain rods and anything else long and narrow. Simply take apart the curtain rods and once the rug is rolled up, place them inside. The carpet, holding the curtain rods, can now be placed on the floor of the moving pod. Long items, like headboards, couches and mattresses, should be placed against the longest pod walls. Table tops and full-length mirrors can also be loaded at this time, but be sure the mirrors are protected, preferably with cardboard.

Load the heaviest, largest boxes next, placing them on everything sitting against the far wall of the moving pod. Pile boxes so that the smallest, lightest boxes are highest in the pod, ensuring the least amount of damage if boxes are jostled. Place fragile, breakable items on next, making sure they are placed in such a way as to prevent sliding around during transport.

Because it may take some time to unload the moving pod, it is best to have a few bags or boxes packed with personal items that will be needed immediately upon arrival at the new location. These should be the last items loaded into the pod, as they will be the first removed. These boxes should include canned goods, clothing, toiletries, medications, and baby and pet supplies. Also, keep sheets, pillows and blankets close to the door of the pod to ensure an easy removal.

With a pods moving unit, the mover has more than enough time to plan a proper packing technique. This not only protects valuables, but ensures an uneventful unpacking event. Planning ahead means not having to deal with any last minute stresses or unwanted situations, and can save the mover valuable time.

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