Bangkok’s Nightlife for the Nocturnal Beings

It is said that as the sun goes down, Bangkok lights up to its true colours. For those of you who plan to hit the sack early in this city, they will be missing out on an experience of a lifetime. The after-the dark scene here is flawlessly charming and glittering. It keeps you 베트남 밤문화, engrossed and surprisingly entertained every second.

The high-spirited mega-clubs and animated rooftop bars dazzle with every taste, style and budget where revelers take pride, but the sparkling street markets brimming with delectable food, drinks, and things that lure travellers are no less engaging. An array of discotheques play every note of music that make your feet move in the presence of a fun-loving crowd and when the radiance of the environment comes to an end, you move out befriending lovely people.

Fun for Everyone

The brilliance of Bangkok’s nightlife is not limited to a particular section. For those with family can also do a lot. Enjoy a dinner cruise on the famous Chao Phraya River where you sit comfortably on a luxurious ship to marvel at the gleaming high-rise buildings, temples and other historical landmarks. Out with your mom? Take her to the 24-hour flower market, a world of beautiful fragrances. There are decent bars where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your colleagues or indulge in some chit-chat with friends.

Return with New Friends

Thailand’s hospitality is invincible and friendly faces greet you at every corner. You won’t find it hard striking a conversation with the locals, who are always happy to help you. In fact, it is a common sight finding strangers having a light-hearted conversation in a club or exploring the vivacious night market with excitement.

Relax at the VW Van Bars

If you wish to have a unique experience, then you must hop on the VW Van Bars. These are vehicles that you will find all over Bangkok during the night. They offer a variety of refreshing drinks and are inexpensive in comparison to a normal bar. While exploring the amazing streets, the VW Van Bars are a nice place to relax.

Party all Night

In recent years, many social order campaigns have imposed restrictions on timings of the opening hours of bars and night clubs. But, not everything closes by 2 am. The informal sidewalk bars, especially in Sukhumvit, are open all night. In fact, there are a plethora of places – big, loud, tiny and not very famous – you can enjoy all night. If you are unable to hunt these, just walk behind the local people.

Get a Feast in Winter Beer Gardens

The winter beer gardens operate only in the winters (November – January), but are definitely a treat that is hard to miss. Pavements along the markets are decorated with tables that line up mugs of beer neatly with plates of scrumptious sausages in an ambience of live music, right from rock to jazz. An ideal place where people can sip their favourite brew and absorb the vibrant local vibes.

Rooftop Bars

Bangkok abounds with al-fresco rooftop bars just like sparkling stars that brighten up its nightlife and make it a magical experience. They are an extraordinary way of partying late night and marveling at the panoramic view created by the city lights below. A few top notch one include the Lebeau’s Sky Bar and Banyan Tree’s Vertigo. Then there is the Baiyoke Sky that comes among the little expensive ones. One thing to remember is that most of these cocktail bars have a dress code, so watch what you wear.

Bangkok nightlife features some unique traits, right from the craziest and wackiest to the luxurious and friendly. It’s not just for those who visit the lively bars, but also the ones who love playing and enjoying a mug of beer at the neon-lit bowling alleys. There are massage centers at every nook where your mind and body can relax and karaoke rooms where you can record your own CD’s. Unraveling the vibrancy is easy with the tuk-tuks and the friendly people with their streak to help can make for free of cost guides. Simply put, among the varied personalities that Bangkok exhibits, the after-the-dark one is what you really need to look out for. So for all the nocturnal beings, go pick up a deal from an array of enticing Thailand holiday packages.

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