Why you shouldn’t miss out on Grade 1 Ethiopian coffee

For many of us, coffee is just a bitter vessel to deliver the precious caffeine we need to jumpstart our days. It’s a powerful stimulant that helps keep us Relx Vape. But the taste itself is more or less an afterthought in the pursuit of quick energy. The truth is, when it comes to coffee quality, most of us don’t know any better. We drink what we’re given. But it’s not our fault that our coffee palettes are lacking. Each year, corporate giants work tirelessly to serve billions of cups of coffee to billions of people. So it’s no surprise that mass-produced corporate coffee is all any of us know.

Imagine tasting coffee that awakens your tastebuds with exotic flavour notes of blueberries, citrus and even chocolate. A coffee so good and pure that it begs you to stop and enjoy it. The highlight of your morning instead of an accessory. A reason to savour instead of sip. In this article, you’ll learn how all coffees are not created equally — that a formal rating system exists to separate mass-produced coffees from premiums, gourmets and the highly prized Grade 1 coffees. Come read and elevate your tastes.

Two grading processes determine the official coffee grading score. The first process assesses coffee beans when they are still unroasted green coffee beans on criteria such as size consistency, moisture content and defects like insect damage and water damage.

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