Why Love Spells Are Like Peacocks

A common argument used against voodoo love spells using pictures spells is that they a way of manipulating someone to make them do something they would not normally do, ie fall in love with someone in particular. People using this argument generally suggest that any love created by a spell is not a real love, but is just a false emotion that will quickly fade.

Of course a spell is a form of manipulation. But here’s the thing; when did anybody ever fall in love without using some kind of manipulation?

Let me explain my thinking here. The process of attracting someone is simple. It’s the same process whether you’re a person, a dog, a cat, or a wild animal. It’s as old as life itself.

When we want to attract someone, we try to make ourselves stand out. We need to get the attention of the person we want to attract. Think of a peacock, with its magnificent brightly colored feathers fanned out behind it. He’s saying “Look at me, I’m beautiful. I’m strong and powerful, I will be a good father to your babies!”

Human beings do the same thing. We alter our appearance by dressing up, wearing makeup, changing our hair, buying expensive cars, and so on. Subtler methods include smiling more, stretching, exaggerated body movements, touching our hair, and so on. All of this is quite normal, it’s just evolution. We’ve been programmed to do this forever.

So once we’ve got the attention of the person we are interested in, we then try to make them like us. This is a subtle process, but it works like this: We alter our behaviour slightly to become more like the person we’re trying to attract.

For example, we may change the way we speak (just very slightly), to talk more like them. We might change the way we dress, just a little bit, to be more like them. When we walk side by side with them, we fall in-step with them and walk in time.

All of these things are very slight, very subtle. And we all do them, all of us without exception. Psychologists call this “interactional synchrony”, which is just a fancy term that basically means copying! You may think you’re different and you don’t do it, but you do. It’s just that you are not aware of it. In fact, human beings even have special cells in the brain whose only job is to control this – they’re called mirror neurones.

And again, all of this is completely normal. It’s evolution. If we didn’t have a way of attracting a mate, the human race would die out.

So what does this have to do with love spells?

Good question. And the answer is simply this. A love spell is an evolutionary step forward in attraction. It’s a more efficient, quicker way of drawing attention to ourselves and making someone like us.

When we change our behaviour to be more like someone else, it works because that other person sees us as being like them. We’re attracted to people who are like us.

When we use a love spell, the energy the spell sends out to the person we desire, does two things. Firstly it makes them much more aware of us. This is like the peacock fanning his wonderful bright feathers.

Secondly, it works as a kind of highlighter pen – marking out all of our attractive qualities. The positive energy of a love spell makes all of our best features stand out. It’s like interactional synchrony on steroids!

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