What More Does My Cat Need?

This is their normal, healthy way of exercising their claw muscles, stretching for muscle tone and removing their old, outer nail sheaths. birman cat for sale post can be an ideal way to accomplish this. Something to call solely his, a scratching post is appealing to your cat and can be very helpful in protecting your other furniture while coming in a variety of designs. You can have your choice in design that is most needed for your cat. There is the traditional post that stands like a miniature Roman column, but there are other varieties as well. Is your cat prone to scratching the floor after a nice doze in the sun?

Then also consider a flat scratching lounge, since cats like both vertical and horizontal scratching surfaces. With corrugated cardboard sides and bottom, your cat can nap and scratch all in one place. Are you more interested in protecting your couch, drapes, and other furniture from your cat’s claws? Try transparent adhesives on the legs of your furniture. The upholstery will be protected and your cat can continue to scratch where he chooses.

Weren’t tree houses always fun for you growing up? A secluded place where you could relax and have a bit of privacy is always a welcome spot. If your cat could talk, she would tell you that she would like to have the same thing, a quiet place to climb and relax. Trees and climbers provide cats with multiple levels they can climb and have the best seats in the house, not to mention scratch if need be. Cats with a bit more energy than others will especially enjoy these pieces of furniture because of its dual functionality: a place to climb and a place to perch. Curious cats can go on an adventure that doesn’t begin on the dining room table.

Who doesn’t love to curl up in bed on a cold night after a long day? Cat beds are the perfect place for your cat to relax and cozy up with a soft piece of furniture. This is a welcome retreat for your cat that comes in funky colors and designs to best appeal to your personality or your cat’s. Cat beds come in an array of styles from simply a comfy pad or mat, to a bed with soft sides for your cat to sink into, or even an igloo. A cat igloo allows your cat to have a cocoon of warmth and pleasure to sleep in. Similar to a cat bed but includes a roof to enclose it, these models are often made of wool which has been suggested to help with arthritis in humans. If it helps us, then it can also be helpful for your older cat as well.

Nothing makes you feel more relaxed than a good dinner and a tasty treat for in between meals. If you want your cat to have the same simple pleasures, and maybe get some extra nutrition into his diet, a tuna flavored cat treat supplement may be just the thing to show your cat how much you appreciate him.

Like a child with boxes and closets full of toys, cats have their favorite toys too that help pass the time throughout the day. Variety is the key for different moods on different days as well. Whether it is made to be filled with catnip or it squeaks to get your cat’s attention, cat toys are an essential part of a cat’s life. Interactive cat toys are the hottest cat toys on the market, and provide you and your cat with opportunities to bond. Everyone needs to carve out some time every day for play and recreation.

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