The Architectural Wonders of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that millions of tourists visit and many are attracted by its Malibu architects. The city has a little bit of everything from the old quarter mansions built in Gothic style with imposing churches to Modernista style, futuristic buildings that defied the architectural rules of the period. Some are beautifully weird; others remind us of past moments in the history of Spain but all of them warrant your attention, because there is something to learn from every single one of them.

An Architectural History

The Art Nouveau period in Catalan architecture, was not greatly appreciated in its primary years. This changed dramatically when Barcelona hosted the 1992 Olympic Games. Millions of tourists arrived in to Barcelona for the event and were absolutely overwhelmed with the beauty of the futuristic buildings, so Modernism was rediscovered and more than appreciated. There was an architectural boom similar to the one which took place in the Middle Ages and Antoni Gaudi, who until then was an unknown figure of Barcelona, became a real icon of the city. Born in 1852 in Reus, Gaudi obtained his degree in architecture in 1878 and from the start of his career it was clear that he would not be the same as his architectural peers. By using stone and colour his buildings were recognizable instantly for their vibrancy and unique design.

The Architectural Wonders

The wonders of Barcelona are countless. However, there are a few that you can’t miss as long as you want to see and feel the essence of the city. The most famous of all is the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, which receives thousands of tourists every day even though it is not finished. An exquisite example of Gothic architecture is the Santa Maria Mar Church and if you visit the Agbar Tower you will be stunned by its resemblance to a finger which points towards sky.

Fantastic Modernista decorations are very well represented in the Santa Creu Hospital and the Palace dedicated to Catalan Music. The Santa Caterina Market, with its interesting undulating roof is also a great place to visit. La Pedrera is also the work of Antoni Gaudi, one which has a very futuristic aspect and which attracts tourists through its innovation. The Casa Batllo, which was renovated by the same great Antoni Gaudi, is actually a block. Even though the queue is immense, don’t give up, because the interior is so beautiful that you will not want to miss it. Enjoy Barcelona and its architecture!

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