Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Help

Social Networking Platforms are now زيادة متابعين تيك توك in number and it is really hard to know where people commit their time when they are online. As social media consultants, it is important to understand the activities of these social sites and have an idea on how to take advantage of their status and actions.

Here are some tips that might help your social media marketing campaign in 2014:

  • Social Media Investment Will Become an Obligation – Right now Business are just starting to realize the importance of building a brand in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc. However, as 2014 comes, social media will be more important and will require more attention as businesses will need to integrate social sites in their plans and strategies. Also, instead of relying on someone in their employee list to post and share on social media, business will consider hiring professional social media strategists and consultants to have better results and traffic from these social sites.
  • Better Visuals, Better Results – Posting on text is great but posting images and visuals like infographics is the best if business would want to attract attention. The number of businesses preferring to use visual posts will surely increase in 2014. Social networking sites like Pinterest, Slideshare and Tumblr will also receive more attention from social media marketers and businesses because these are the sites that allows visuals to be shared to the public easily.
  • Micro-Video Utilization – Today, Twitter has the Vine and Instagram have their own video sharing feature. By utilizing these features from these social networking sites, a business can easily share videos and catch the attention of its viewers. Videos also tend to be shared more compared to images and texts which means a better chance to increase followers and customers.
  • The Boom Of Google+ – Google+ is quite new in the market but it has already the second highest number of monthly users. Facebook is still number one but we shouldn’t disregard the fact that Google+ is from Google, and majority of us use Google Search Engine to search the Internet. Google+ is already proving itself to be a key ingredient of Google’s scheme in terms of SEO. It provides personalized results to the people inside a business’ circle and this could greatly impact the search results for the people using Google Search Engine.
  • The Resurrection Of MySpace – All of us heard about the sad news that MySpace “died.” However, it came back after a few months. Right now, with its makeover and re-branding efforts, it appears that they are getting their second wind. We just need to wait for them to bring out their tricks up in their sleeve.
  • LinkedIn (The Facebook For Professionals) – LinkedIn has grown through the years. They now have 238 million users and they won’t hold back. Recently they just launched the Influencers Program which makes them one of the largest sources of content creation for professionals. LinkedIn will indeed grow more especially when 2014 comes.

To sum it up, we can see that Facebook and Twitter still leads the social networking sites however, we might expect more from Google+ this coming 2014. Also, businesses will realize the importance of utilizing social networking sites to grow their brand and increase their customers.

We saw that 2013 started the realization of the importance of social networking sites but 2014 will be the year when these sites will be at their prime. There will be a large increase in social media marketing as business will use it and include it in their business and marketing strategies.

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