Online Shopping and Mother’s Role

bestshoppingshop is as old as human civilization. The trade is related to shopping, so in order to see the history of shopping, it is only wise to see how trade has evolved. Trade started in medieval age with barter system and with the passage of time, human innovate new methods of trade and now days, most of the sophisticated methods are used for trade activities.

The trends in shopping have evolved with the means of communication, every mean of communication has been used for shopping and now internet is widely used for shopping and the term used for shopping through internet is online shopping. Internet has opened an all new array for shopping activities and now most of the shopping is done through internet.

A survey at reveals that 60% of mothers search the web for special offers, coupons, or other discounts before they go shopping (no information on how this correlates to male shoppers. This mini report reveals that most of the shopping is done by mothers, and they are mostly looking for discounts. The mothers have major role to play in online shopping.

Internet has opened access to flood of information; the information provided on internet may not be authentic; because it is very easy for anyone to post any information on the internet through blogs and personal websites. To extract the relevant and correct information from the internet is very critical and sometimes difficult. Internet has given rise to cyber crimes and most of them are done through online shopping websites.

Mother’s role is very critical in online shopping, they have to extract the relevant information from the internet about the hot selling products and their prices offered at different stores, sometimes, through fake blogs and spam emails, misinformation is provided which leads to the purchase of substandard product at higher price or leads to credit card frauds.

Before shopping online, getting the right information is very important for mothers. Purchasing right thing at the right time is of key importance, because mostly mothers do shopping for whole family, especially for toddlers and kids. They can be deceived into buying wrong product for their family through fake blogging or misinformation provided by different means through internet. The roles of mothers are to have the full information about the authentic online shopping sites and the original blogs which are operated by real users. Blog is an important source of obtaining the relevant information, but it can be misleading so mothers have to be sharp enough to see which blog is real and which is operated by spammers.

Another important role mothers have to play in online shopping is to buy right products for the children. Every mother adores her child and wants best for it. So the marketing people in internet uses emotional strategies by showing pictures of beautiful babies and blogging about children to convince mothers in buying the desired product. Many mothers get deceived by it and make instant buying decision only to repent when they receive the actual delivery. So mothers have to be extra cautious while buying products for their kids, thorough research about the product including its prices offered by different stores, its specifications and customer reviews are of keen importance and mother should read this information before making a buying decision.

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