Lip Plumpers- Are They the Answer to Sexy, Fuller Lips?

Have you been yearning for full, sensuous lip tattooing perth like Lisa Rinna or Angelina Jolie? There may be a solution for those of us with less than endowed lips. Some exciting new cosmetic lip treatments, lip plumpers, anti-aging lip balms, and lip masks are available to help give us those kissable, sexy lips we covet.

Many of the trendy cosmetic lip treatments on the market are special lip glosses that contain an irritant ingredient such as capsicum frutescens, the fruit of the red pepper plant, which is used for making cayenne pepper. Others contain cinnamon oil, wintergreen or clove. All will cause the lips to temporarily plump and swell. They work by increasing circulation in the lips and dilating blood vessels. Often the irritants in lip plumpers are balanced with a soothing agent such as green tea. Some formulations include palmitoyl-oligopeptide to help synthesize collagen.

Users of cosmetic lip treatments and lip plumpers are generally women looking for a bee-sting pout without resorting to expensive collagen injections. The lip treatments may last anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the product. Many women love their full, pouty “Angelina lips.” However, some women find lip plumper products sting or feel uncomfortable, and they should not be used if you have very dry, cracked lips or ultra sensitive skin.

Plumped out lips are not for everyone. If you just want softer, moister lips and you want to diminish the tiny vertical lines that cause lipstick bleeding, consider using a topical collagen serum, anti-aging lip balm or lip mask.

Some topical products help stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which helps make lips and skin soft, moist and firmer. Anti aging lip balms and lip masks that contain alpha hydroxy acid can gently slough off dead, dry skin to alleviate dry, chapped lips, reveal smoother, softer lips and reduce fine lines.

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