How to Maximise PR for Events?

Event planning requires time,How to Maximise PR for Events? Articles resources and money. Businesses can turn to PR to maximise publicity for their new product or service launches at their events. This calls for event public relations expertise to not only organise your calendars, but publicise events to increase public outreach. What are the ways to use PR to garner extensive publicity for your company’s where to buy pappy van winkle?

Tell your brand’s story
Other than capturing the public’s attention and facilitating interaction for an event, PR firms can craft compelling and enthralling stories for their clients. The intimate relationship between PR and media can be capitalised to drive your company’s message. PR is a valuable asset in using reliable connections to endorse events through good reviews. This can be translated into media interviews for your event for a feature in a publication. Additionally, media events require more direct communication strategies and hands-on planning in boosting media publicity in order to sell brands effectively.

Tap on your PR firm’s resources
Events sometimes encompass media outreach and PR firms are focused on attracting media representatives to gain more traction for the event. Tap on your PR firm’s media contacts to tailor your media list to a localised media audience. Additionally, because your PR firm knows your business well, they possess the expertise to craft and engage communication strategies for your event to outline your company’s message. From conceptualisation of event pillars to marketing of event, engage your PR firm to showcase your brand personality and increase publicity.

Engage Social Media
Social boosts publicity for an event by engaging directly with a target market. The way we consume news and entertainment has taken a drastic change since the day social media entered the picture. Event PR involves introducing the client’s brand to the public by establishing consumer relationships and communicating messages to them. Beyond engaging consumers and increasing event visibility, social media allows for instant feedback and crisis management should there be any disruption to the event. A Public Relations firm is most equipped with the knowledge to manage your social media as they are trained to deliver accurate and effective messages to build and maintain positive relationships.

Take for example La Maison du Whisky’s annual whisk(e)y and spirits show, Whisky Live. The event has experienced a double digit growth in attendees yearly. A niche event that saw fewer than 400 people in attendance during its inception is expecting to welcome over 3,500 people in its seventh instalment this year, due in no small part to the incisive publicity campaign created by Brand Inc.

To increase event traction and build momentum in ticket sales, trust your PR agency to undertake media exposure for your events. The professionalism and media exposure that your PR agency offers will definitely mark out your event from the rest! PR agencies such as Brand Inc deliver a return on investment that effect long after the event has passed, creating an indelible mark of success on clients’ brands.

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