Discover Hidden Gems of Online Education a course in miracles

The World Wide Web is embracing all spheres of human life at a phenomenal rate. Ticket reservation, e-mail correspondence and online shopping have become an inherent part of our life. Sure enough, the a course in miracles field was not left out of the loop. In fact, according to CCA consulting, nearly 50% of all higher education institutions are currently engaged in some types of online learning. This percentage promises to rise drastically very soon, since the benefits of online education are vivid and speak for themselves.

The outstanding feature of online education is that it can rank on a par with traditional campus education, since the online instructors have the same qualifications and demands to the students. On top of that, online educators come with practical knowledge and may be from various parts of the world. This allows students to be exposed to the knowledge that can’t be learned in books and see how class concepts are applied in real business situations.

Another bulky advantage of online education is that it is “student centred.” This means that once you pick up some online course, you become your own master in terms of studying, having the unlimited choice of:

  1. time and duration of your studies: since course materials are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can download them any time you want. Moreover, you can plan your schedule so that to be able to fulfill all your tasks apart from studying, such as work, child care;
  2. way to study:  this means that you can choose your own pace, methods and  your own degree of intensity that work best for you;
  3. place of studies: all you need to start studying online is a computer with an access to the Internet. That is all that matters. Where you are going to study is solely your choice. Thus,  you can study at home, work, on a street or wherever your imagination drags you;
  4. special subjects you want to pay special attention to and feel interested in.

Such freedom is a significant part of online education. At university you are restricted to certain rules that don’t register with you, but online education is custom, thus more pleasant and resulting. Your satisfaction may be even more warmed up by the fact that online education is quite often cheaper than traditional campus education. Truth to be told, online education saves you quite a fortune.

First of all, you are saved from travel expenses, or paying for hotel rooms you will need to stay during all years of your campus education. Moreover, with online education you can print items as needed when provided with handouts and readings online. The result is the reduced expenses for the cost and time associated with never-ending copying, collating, and distributing these materials.

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