Delicious Shapes – Chocolate Molds

A POLKA DOT MUSHROOM BARS mold is a cavity, usually made of plastic, used for forming chocolates in desired shapes. A chocolate mold can usually withstand up to 160 degrees F of heat so should be used with low-heat melting chocolate. Some molds are made from rubber or silicone, while other chocolate molds are made from metal.

Most chocolate molds produce one sided chocolates which are flat on one side and formed on the other. Some manufacturers provide three dimensional molds that create a fully shaped chocolate. This is usually achieved when two molds are used then joined together in a semi-hardened state. A newer solution to achieving round shaped chocolates is to use a magnetic chocolate mold. This allows the melted chocolate to be placed inside the sphere with the magnets holding the mold together until it hardens in the desired shape.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate can all be used in a chocolate mold. Using small pieces of chocolate is the preferred way of melting the chocolate. Larger pieces of chocolate will require higher heat to achieve the melting stage. At higher heats the chocolate may burn or melt the chocolate mold. To avoid this, using small-shaped circles of chocolate called pastilles requires a lower heat, as the pieces are relatively small and uniform in size. This allows for an even melting time and makes it easier to pour into the chocolate mold.

A chocolate mold can be used for different types of chocolate. Most stores that sell chocolate molds will indicate what chocolate is the best for each different mold option. Some molds can withstand higher heats and can be used for harder chocolate, which requires more heat to melt it. Colors and flavors can be added to the chocolate in the melted stage to enhance the finished products. White chocolate will help to achieve the most pastel look to the chocolate if a subtle color is desired. For dark and deeper colors, darker chocolate can be used to reach the richer hues.

A suggested way to measure the required amount of chocolate needed for filling a chocolate mold is to measure the cavities or places in the mold for the chocolate with water. Pouring the water into the shapes, then into a measuring cup will indicate how much chocolate is needed as water measures almost the same as chocolate.

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