5 Ways To Identify Someone With a Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction does not discriminate and is a problem for people from all social groups. Here are 5 ways to identify someone with a buy cocaine online addiction.

Nose bleeds and the crash are typical and classic signs of cocaine addiction. As the individual snorts cocaine, they destroy the nasal membranes which results in nose bleeds. A common trait among cocaine addicts is a chronic stuffy or runny nose.

The crash that occurs after a cocaine binge is another frequent occurrence in cocaine addicts. The crash may cause the individual to have periods of excessive sleep that could last for days, depending on the abuse. As with any drug abuse or addiction, it is not unusual for people to also have other drug or alcohol abuse.

Cocaine addiction is an expensive habit to maintain. As finances are depleted, first the cash, then the savings, retirement accounts, and insurance; it is not uncommon for individuals to begin borrowing money to support their habit. When they can no longer borrow money, the behavior shifts to selling or pawning their personal possessions. When they have nothing left of value desperation sets in and the next step is criminal behavior which may include stealing, trading sexual favors and other illicit activities to continue their drug abuse.

As addiction takes over the individual’s life, it is only a matter of time before their career, or school begins to suffer. Cocaine abuse will become the focus of their life and work and school will no longer be their objective. It is only a matter of time before they lose the job, or drop out of school as well as lose interest in anything other than their drug use.

Seeking treatment through a rehab program can help the individual regain control of their life. If there is abuse or addiction with other drugs and alcohol; it may be necessary to enter a medical detox program before going to rehab.

Cocaine addicts generally start to hang out with other addicts and over time will forego their former, non drug abusing friends. There is a reason for this, other than the common behavior of cocaine use. The old group of friends may begin to question the odd or new behavior; however the new friends will not question them, they will not judge them because they are addicted as well.

When the euphoric effects of cocaine are experienced, it is not uncommon for the individual to have episodes of increased, almost manic energy and speech. They may speak very fast and even experience an ostentatious manner of thinking. At the same time, cocaine may also create a variety of psychological symptoms including panic attacks and paranoia. The individual may have hallucinations such as hearing voices or sounds, as well as feel as if people are out to get them.

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